Dedicated Claims Administration for Managing Results, Preventing Losses

The Indiana School’s Educational Service Center (ISESC) Risk Management Program, a self-insured Trust to help public schools effectively respond to fluctuating Workers’ Compensation premiums and drive down costs, partners with TPA Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc. (BSAI) to manage claims.

Third-party administrator BSAI has been providing a full range of services for self-insured Workers’ Compensation clients for more than two decades. A combination of experienced and dedicated staff along with aggressive managed care programs and ongoing monitoring of “best practice” standards enables BSAI to help ISESC members gain control of their comp claims. BSAI provides a dedicated claims team familiar with ISESC’s culture and needs enabling it to develop customized special handling instructions and effectively manage claims from start to finish. In addition, BSAI proactively manages claims from the initial investigation, compensability determination and until the claim is settled and/or closed. Its caseloads are generally below industry standards, and adjusters have the tools and training at their disposal to get the job done.

Claims Services Provided to ISESC Members

ISESC members receive a portfolio of claims services from BSAI necessary to manage claims costs and save them money. These services include:

  • Medical Bill/Utilization Review: Includes a review of procedures and treatments to ensure medical treatment is appropriate.
  • Medical Case Management: For achieving the optimal goal of medical rehabilitation and timely return to work.
  • Pharmacy Benefits Management: Manage and control the costs of prescription drugs which makes up anywhere from 10% to 20% of total Workers’ Compensation medical costs.

Part of the integral services BSAI provides to members is to also help identify the future exposure on a claim based on the ultimate medical needs of the individual. This helps in setting reserves and/or evaluating a file for potential settlement. An extended cost estimate can also assist in mitigating risk.